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A new national coalition for equity in health care, Rise to Health aims to transform the health care ecosystem where all people have the power, circumstances, and resources to achieve optimal health. A collaboration between 9 healthcare organizations, I worked most closely with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the American Medical Association to develop the coalition's entire brand identity from scratch, including, but not limited to, the coalition's wordmark, brand guidelines, and web pages.

TOOLS USED Adobe Suite (Ae, Ai, Id, Ps), Figma, PPTx

The wordmark design is bold, producing a sense of inclusivity, and visually plays off the "rise" element of the coalition's name.

To stand out from other healthcare orgs, we aimed to avoid traditional colors and styles associated with the industry, such as shades of aqua and turquoise and the litany of serif font families. Emphasis was placed on "daybreak orange" as a hero color and utilizing "cabernet" for copy wherever applicable. 

While the selected brand identity fits best with the coalition's tone and ideologies, an alternative identity was also proposed. The animated logo and hero image are to the right. If interested, reach out for a runthrough of the brand ID, including color palette, secondary iconography, and typography.

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